Humans are a bipedal, omnivorous, mammalian race of mostly hairless primates. The origin of this species is unknown as it shows every appearance of having multiple planets of origin and seems native to all three known major galaxies.

The Human race is not unique in not having a single known homeworld, and even going so far as to seemingly have evolved on multiple planets, but it is one of only a few dozen that can lay that claim on at least one world in all three major galaxies, and at least one minor one. Many theories exist, the most popular being that certain worlds were seeded with similar DNA chains by another, older race and this led to parallel evolution of the species. This is popular in it’s explanation of minor genetic discrepencies leading to certain quirks particular to the humans of different galaxies or planets. Notably handedness, which in Galfarra is nearly always left, but in the Milky Way, and Earth especially, right is the dominant hand. Also, the genetic chain for red hair is closely linked to the gene for skin pigment in the people of Lorithen in the Vorton Galaxy resulting in its dark skinned members being nearly all copper or orange haired. Another one is subtle differences in organ placement. Terran Humans being mirrored in a few respects, like the appendix, compared to all Galfarran Humans, and nearly completely when compared to the only other native humans of the Milky Way on the small moon of Plindreth near the galactic core.

As is often the case Humans can breed with varying degrees of dificulty and success with many other species of similar biology, anatomy, etc.

Professor Serena Cole

Bithdate: 26 Okkono 287
Birthplace: Dublin, District of Ireland, Republic of Earth, Terran Confederation, Milky Way
Current Residence: Outside of Ptholid Village, Namenlose Province, Sweytz, Sweytizan Alliance, Milky Way

Biography: Serena was born to Irishwoman Coleen Cole neé Brennan and Englishman Thomas Cole and is the youngest of three children.

From an early age Serena showed a remarkable talent for mathematics and memory. She was certified a genius, a lightning calculator, and shown to have a photographic memory when given her pre-kindergarden examninations by Beueau of Education officials at age four.

When she was six years old her parents moved to Sweytz because they had ben contracted to build a replica of a great historic monument in one of that planet’s provinces. Over the ensuing years her parents were working on that and numerous other projects that were requested of them while they lived on that world Serena found herslef excelling in academics and even was enroled in the formost university of the region, Delthakk University, at age eleven.

At this same time her parents were preparing to return to Earth. Serena elected to stay behind and was left the house her parents had designed and constructed and in the care of their neighbours and a very powerful household computer servent affectionately dubbed Cici. In another three years she’d earned a Professorship in mathematics and physics through various discoveries regarding the shape and nature of wormholes and the completely new field of mathematics she’d developed to describe her findings.

Her findings have led to a great deal of debate in academic circles, though it cannot be denied that her calculations do work very well to describe all known natural wormholes and accurately predict all issues that had been encountered in any attempt to generate one artificially. The debate largely has to do with her findings regarding the nature of time, history, how wormholes function with regards to this dynamic and complex model of time, and her expanding hyperspace by a full dozen dimensions beyond the usual accepted.

In Dekdua of Sweytzian year 306 she married the young dancer, and a childhood friend, Georgia Ellen Blue-Evans and together they now have twin daughters Kaelee Ginger Cole-Evans and Dejah Fiona Evans-Cole who were born in Ĵaudo of 307.